söndag 17 augusti 2014

Heavy rain - or how to set up a soccer remote. (Husqvarna - Östersund).

First of all.
Due to heavy rain. Yesterdays soccer game was not only delayed with 4 hours. It was also move to another venue.

To set up a remote. You need two transceivers. And a "remote camera cable".
I use two Pocket Wizard plus III.
The most simple way is to put one of the transceivers in the hot shoe of the "main camera". And the other transceiver with the remote camera cable in the "remote camera". Just connect the cable in the transceiver and the "remote terminal" of the camera.
With this setup, as soon as you take a photo with your main camera. You will also take a photo with your "remote" simultaneously.
This means that you will get a whole lot of "crap" in your remote.
Which is the reason that makes me use a custom cable at my "main camera".
I have built it myself. This allows me to decide if i want to "fire" both the main camera and the remote. Or only the main camera.
Meaning i will get less crap images in the remote.

When setting up a remote for soccer.
I use "fix focus". And put some gaffers tape on my lens. To assure that focus will not be changed by accident.

If you want to know how i built the "floor plate". You can find that here:

When using a remote. You need to have some luck to get a nice picture.
Some games. Nothing will be useful at all.

Also, it is important to have fully charged batteries in both the the remote camera and the transceivers. I use to set my transceivers in "LR" mode. Which means "Long Range".
And of course. If somebody else works with remotes. To check that i wont use the same radio channel as them.

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