lördag 28 februari 2015

ISO 12800 (Soccer J-södra - Assyriska).

Even though i have a 400/2,8. There are sometimes situations when i need to crank up the ISO a lot. Like today. Overall I'm amazed with how good todays professional cameras are. When i started shooting sports 2008. I could never dream about using ISO 12800 at all. Even less getting this kind of result.
About 400/2,8. I used a 400/4 DO before. It´s so well used. And beaten up. That it´s time to retire it. So i just upgraded to a used 400/2,8L IS USM.
Just love how clean backgrounds you can get with it. And the sharpness is nothing but stunning.

torsdag 26 februari 2015

The refs tongue (Hockey HV71 - Brynäs)

Among sports photographers. There are a joke about "the refs butt".
The reason for this joke. Is that when you shoot sports. You often get unwanted "items" between yourself as a photographer. And the object you want to get in the picture. Which means that you end up getting something totally different than what you had in mind.
The photo of the ref is taking while the caretakers are fixing an issue with the Plexiglas. Obviously the ref didn't like to wait for that.

lördag 21 februari 2015

Hockey HV71 - Linköping

"It´s not the qualities you have, it´s the the qualities your recognise you have and use that will make a difference".

tisdag 17 februari 2015

Hockey HV71 - Djurgården

"If you are on time, you are probably to late"
Coach Pete Caroll - Seattle Seahawks

When i participated in the Sports Shooter Academy.
I had the privilege to listen to, and learn from, Seattle Seahawks team photographer Rod Mar.
He spoke on things that are important to him in his work.
How important it is to be prepared.
And how important to not come to late.
Yesterday that saved me from being to late to the game is shoot.
Reason? My car had a empty battery. And wouldn't start.
So i called for a taxi. And when i arrived to the venue. I still had plenty of time to set everything up for the game.

måndag 9 februari 2015

Portfolio rehaul

When i read about the portfolio review, that i wrote about in my last blog post.
It inspired me to give my own, online portfolio a major rehaul.
So i did not only change a lot of the pictures.
I also changed the way my work are shown on my website.
At top of that i created a new category with some photos of "American football".
The sport that i have fallen in love with the last year.
You can take a look here:

söndag 8 februari 2015

How About a Free Portfolio Review?

I just fund out about the possibility for a Free Portfolio Review in New York during April 11-12. You can read about it here:

For me, i try to update my portfolio pretty "often". Which means that i´s what I'm just doing.