onsdag 3 april 2019

Paragliders over Brahehus, (Shoot with the EOS R).

Recently I had the chance to try the Canon EOS R together with the Rf 24-105/4 L IS USM.
Big thanks to my friends at Hegethorns foto in Nässjö for giving me this opportunity.
Brahehus is the ruin of an old castle. Located pretty close to where I live.
When I arrived there. I was really lucky, to find that some paragliders were flying from that location.
(I will eventually post a longer review about the EOS R in the future. If I get the chance to test it more in depth).
Some images, all shoot in RAW, and edited in Lightroom.
Overall I find this mirrorless technology interesting.
And I´m working on to try gear from other brands as well.

söndag 30 december 2018

25 images summarizing 2018 & the Fifa world cup.

When I'm trying to summarize 2018 from a professional perspective.
I´m having a hard time to find the right words.
Other than I´m truly thankful, and that I see myself as "blessed".

Before I went to Russia to cover the FIFA World Cup.
I shoot a friendly game between Sweden and Peru in Gothenburg.

I'm pretty used to see my work published in the major Swedish newspapers. And the major reason for me to go cover the World cup was in order to submit "live photos" to one big Swedish newspaper.
I was also able to submit my work to Getty. And being aware that the competition was going to be pretty extreme.
I didn't really know how much my work would be used.

The image above is as far as I know. The one that been used/licensed the most.
That includes: Sports illustrated, The Guardian, Huffington post (Mexico edition),  ESPN, NBC FOX Sport & several other publications all over the world.

Other publications that published my work includes The Sun, The Times, BBC, ABC news, Yahoo & MSN.

While I was I Russia, I traveled a lot by train. In total about 10.000 kilometers.
Which meant that I meet a lot of truly great people, not only Russian people but from all over the world. I´m more than thankful for that.
The image above was taken on the midsummer evning. A major holiday in Sweden. This was on the train station in Rostov on Don.

If You are using instagram. Feel free to follow me @jkpg_sports.photo.

A few tearsheets (and portfolio photos), can be found here.

Right now i do have some kind of "time out" from sports photography.
That said, i do hope that i can find a way to use my experience to inspire others.
And I´m going to take a course in mentorship.
More about that to come in the future...

fredag 9 mars 2018

New website/portfolio.

I have just updated and moved my website/portfolio to Photoshelter.
More than that, some images from my archive can also be found online now.
The archive is searchable from this blog. Take a look at the upper right corner.
Or even better. Go directly to the new site here:

lördag 30 december 2017

25 photos from 2017

2017 is kind off a strange year to from a sports photo perspective.
I have done quite lite sports photo during 2017.

But the things i have done has been truly great.
First both the Women´s and the Men´s team from the local Floorball club, JIK qualified to the major league.

Then i covered the Swedish championship finals for Expressen, a major Swedish newspaper. That our local team HV71 won.
I also covered the public celebration for them.

I covered the Europe league final between Manchester United and Ajax.

The last game i covered was the first off the two play off games between Sweden and Italy. The game where Sweden scored the only goal. Which also means that Sweden qualified for the FIFA World Cup that will be in Russia next year.
This was also on assignment for Expressen.