lördag 2 augusti 2014

Challenging myself, soccer in "single shoot mode" (Husqvarna - Sirius).

After reading several discussions, (and writing in one), about the "need" for many FPS (Frames per second in "serial shoot mode") for shooting sports.
I decided to challenge myself. With shooting todays soccer game only in "single shoot mode".
(That's expect for my "remote" camera, the last photo).
It actually worked out a whole lot better than i had expected at first.

When it comes to "action photos". I had more off that, than in any other game for a really long time.
Probably due to the fact that i had to be more focused than if had shoot the game in "high speed mode". That´s 12 FPS with my 1Dx bodies.

I do love that my 1Dx cameras has 12 FPS. When used in the right way. It does make a difference.

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