lördag 30 augusti 2014

Crawling on a "catwalk" (Hockey "remote" Sweden - Finland).

Todays work started 7.30 in the morning.
To be able to set up a "roof remote" i had to do that before anybody entered the ice.
Dropping anything from a height more than 20 meters above the ice can cause serious injuries. Thus a liability insurance are needed. And the use of "safety cables". I.E. three steel wires. On the attached to the "friction arm" (Used to attach the camera).
One attached to the lens (using a hose clamp), and one attached to the body. Attached by cable ties.
To be able to get the camera in the "roof" a placed it on the "catwalk". Which literally meant crawling on that catwalk.

All together it was a really long day.
Though it was worth it. Here in Sweden, the major league (SHL) has regulations.
That only allows "host photographers" to use "remotes".
Therefore i don´t know when i will be able to do this again...
I do hope that they learn from IIHF and NHL and change that in the future.

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