söndag 6 december 2015

Newer trust a remote (hockey U18 HV71 - Malmö) - updated X2

When working with remotes there are two things to always remember.
1. Newer ever rely on them to get the job done.
2. Be careful with setting things up in a popper and secure way.
One week ago, i used a "roof remote". But messed up with the focus.
So no images from the remote was sharp enough to be used.
I nailed down to what mistake i had done.
And gave it a "new shoot" today.

When it comes to rule #2, i do have a business liability insurance.
With a limit of 10 Million Swedish kronor. That's about $1,2 Million.

I would strongly argue against setting up a roof remote without a proper liability insurance. Or without proper security arrangements.
Which includes setting up and removing the gear when there is nobody on the ice/floor below.
If you drop your gear. It can seriously hurt somebody.

I secure everything with security cables.
I.E. steel wires with a loop in both ends. One wire for my "friction arm".
One for my lens. With a hose clamp around the lens.
And one for my camera body. Attached with cable ties in the mount for the camera straps.
To secure the cables, i use lockable carabineers.
The friction arm i use: https://www.manfrotto.com/variable-friction-arm
With a super clamp in one end.
To release the remote camera, i use Pocket Wizard Plus III. (Using, LR, Long range, mode).
The one on the roof remote is attached with a super clamp. Secured to a security cable with cable ties.

And, well, i could not resist the possibility to take a "remote selfie".

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