måndag 14 december 2015

Choosing the "wrong" position - for the remote.

Earlier I've been writing about "choosing the right position" a couple of times.
Se here: http://blogg.photo-it.net/2013/07/choosing-right-position.html
and here: http://blogg.photo-it.net/2014/02/choosing-right-position-2world-junior.html
Recently i wrote about the importance of not relying on a remote to get the job done: http://blogg.photo-it.net/2015/12/newer-trust-remote-hockey-u18-hv71-malmo.html

Saturday i did a "self assignment" att a youth hockey game.
Where i "challenged myself". For the first half of the game i used a 400mm lens + the "roof remote". For the second half of the game. I only used the remote.
Now, there was in total 4 goals in the game. All in the "wrong" goal, which was not covered by my remote.
From a journalistic perspective. The last picture, where the winning team celebrates their victory, would work.
Other than that. I used a different setup than the last time i used a remote. This time i covered a smaller part of the ice.
Instead of using 70mm on a 1D mkIV (equal of 88mm on a "full frame"). I used 102 mm on a 1Dx.
(So now im planing on bying a 85/1,8 lens for my 1D mkIV. Equal to 106mm on a "full frame").

And as you can see, i couldn't resist to crop my images in a "Instagram style".

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