söndag 16 november 2014

Why do i always keep a dollar bill in my pocket?

Last year i went to USA for the first time in my life.
The reason was to attend the Sports Shooter Academy X (SSAX).
Since then i always keep a dollar bill in my pocket.
You might wonder why?

The SSAX was a blast.
And this year i decided to go back to attend Sports Shooter Academy XI (SSAXI) and bring my wife, so that she could have some vacation.

The faculty in the Sports Shooter Academy are some of the very best photographers in the US. But they are not only really great photographers.
They are also really great people.

The participants are truly talented, and works really hard.
Being in a environment like that makes some great things with me.
It´s give me so much inspiration that it´s hard to find the right words.
It keeps my passion for sports photography alive.

Being able to do things different than usually, shoot sports that i normally wouldn't shoot is a great way to become a better photographer.

Some of the great people i have meet during the workshops.
Have become very special friends to me, with a special place in my heart.
Combine that with the fact that i haven't seen my wife as happy in years.
The whole experience just can´t be measured in moneys.

Every time i find that dollar bill in my wallet.
It reminds me of the great people I've meet. And how blessed i been doing that.
That´s why i will continue to keep that dollar bill in my wallet in the future as well.

I will for sure come back in the future.

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