fredag 31 januari 2014

Choosing the right position #2/World junior championship tear sheets

As i have blogged about earlier.
Sometimes choosing a different position than the other photographers can pay of really well. (You find that post here:

During the World junior championship, we as photographers was first allowed to use the empty players booth.
Later on, out of some reason, IIHF, decided that we only was allowed to use the photographers booth.
It got so full with my colleagues, that i could hardly work from there.
So i decided to get up at a higher "spectators level", and not only to to that.
But to also walk over to the other side of the arena to get an even more different position.
A position that i was the only one to use.

First, the picture as i sent it to All Over Press.

Then how Expressen, (a major Swedish daily), used it the day after.

Overall, i had several of my photos published by Dagens Nyheter (also a major Swedish daily) on their web, only from the final i had 4 photos published.
So far it´s truly my biggest achievement in my career.

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