söndag 11 augusti 2013

Track & field (Workshop photos).

This weekend i have attended a workshop for sports photo here in Sweden.
As far as i know this was the first time ever something like this has been done here.
This was arranged by Lars Dareberg and Jonas Lindkvist.
Two really experienced and great photographers.

Among the participants was some really good sport photographers that i have know for a while in one or another way.
Great not only tom meet them in real life.
But also getting a lot of inspiration from them.
Since i have practically no experience from shooting track and field.
It was really nice to do something new and challenging.

That´s for sure a good way to learn new things, and to grow as a photographer.

And when it comes to try something new, sometimes it really fails.
Jonas Lindkvist said something, that i consider really wise about that.
"If you fail, that´s great". What he means with that, is that it gives you a opportunity to learn something, and try again.

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