måndag 22 juli 2013

My first soccer shoot

These photos was taken in the same year as my first "hockey assignment".
(Oktober 2007, qualifying game between division 1 and "Superettan", Jönköping Södra IF-Sirius).

With the difference that had bought my own camera (EOS 350D), and a lens that was ok for shooting sports, at least as far that light is ok.
I would for sure not recommend that gear for shooting sport.
And, needless to say. I would have done a whole lot of things different today.
Mostly "small details", but all the small details put together makes a big difference.

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  1. "Målet"-bilden är ju grymt påpassligt fångad! Och då spelar tekniken mindre roll utan avgörande är din uppmärksamhet och blick för detaljer och situationer. :-)