måndag 23 september 2019

Tennis with the Sony A9 & 135/1,8 GM

Recently i was on off 30 sports photographers that attended the Sony Pro Imaging Conference in Copenhagen.
Where i had the privilege to listen to the great sports photographer Bob Martin (Bob is the photo chief for the Wimbledon, which he also was during the London Olympics in 2012), where he showed some of his portfolio, talking about how he works. 
Why he uses Sony cameras. What he likes with it, and what he thinks can be improved.

The great videographer Philip Bloom talked about his career, why he is using Sony cameras, also about what he likes, and what he thinks can be improved.

We also had the possibility to photograph a soccer practice and some tennis. 

Inspired by a great photo from Wimbledon, by Bob Martin, taken with the Sony 135/1,8. 
I decided to try that lens. Using the amazing Eye-AF on the A9.

Since i love portraits with a really short depth of field. I also used tried it in a short distance, with maximum aperture. And i find it amazing how sharp this lens is.
Truly impressing.

Sony also informed a bit about their plans for professional sports photographers.
One thing that i really like is that they will be present at more of the big sports events with loaner equipment and service.
This includes both the Euro 2020 and the Olympics in Tokyo.

Even though i don't know about any specifik details.
I also received "indirect" information, from a discussion between a Sony representative and one attendee, about the fact that there will be a new Sony camera aimed for sports photographers on the market before the Olympics next year. It was not said in "straight out word".
But it was really clear "between the words". (Anything else would honestly be a big surprise).
(I will not involve myself in any kind off speculation about this, at all. Period).

Considering the fact that Sony representatives asked me for feedback on what to improve. Several times.
I like to believe that it will truly will be improved over the great A9.

In my opinion it's truly great that the other brands gets some serious competition when it comes to sports photo.
And as i wrote about in my previous post on this blog. It's a big chance that i will buy Sony gear in a near future.

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