lördag 18 november 2017

Play off Sweden - Italy

One week ago i covered the first off the two games in the Play off to the FIFA World cup between Sweden and Italy.
It was on a assignment for one off Swedens biggest newspapers.
I had a cold, was really tired. Had some rented gear.
And found out that my monopod didn't fit with the super tele lens that i rented... (A Canon 200-400/4L, great lens, even though i proffer the 400/2,8 for soccer).
A big shutout to the great photographer, and really nice person. Pontus Lundahl who works for TT photo agency. He had a spare monopod that worked with the lens. And he really saved my day.

I also had the privilege to sit next to Jonas Lindqvist. A staff photographer off Dagens Nyheter. Who is a great sports photographer. That helped, and helps, me a lot.

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