torsdag 29 december 2016

50 best sport photos of 2016

For me 2016 was a "international year".
Not only did i cover the European soccer championship.
I also went to Southern California for the Sports Shooter Academy, for the third time.

When it comes to the European soccer championship, it was truly a special experience.
I will write more about it later. What i can say for right now.
Is that i covered 13 games during the championship.
The competition was absolutely extreme. Att the the opening game there was about 130 still photographers on the pitch (i.e. sidelines) + even more on the media tribune.
For the final, there was about 160 still photographers att the pitch, + the others att the media tribune.
And many off these photographers are world class. Some off the simply put the best soccer photographers in the world.

Out of all these photographers, att the very least 20 off them sent their images to the same Swedish newspapers as i did.

I might be a bit crazy. But i just love that kind of extreme competition.
Considering the crazy competition. When i went to France. I thought i would have about 5 images published, and i would have been really happy with having my work published 10 times.

So far i have seen my images from championship published more than 80 times by Swedish newspapers. To be honest, i just can understand how this happened.

For what i can say. I´m very thankful to my Wife Karin, who let me do this. And Jonas Lindqvist who gave me a lot off important advice.

When it comes to the Sports Shooter Academy, it was a great experience.
And looking back, i can see that the three times I've been there has been a great investment in my career as a s sports photographer.

As i see it, the things i learnt from the workshops with the Sports Shooter academy, and the ones i attended here in Sweden, held by Jonas Lindqvist and Lars Dareberg are off a big importance for how good things worked out for me in France.

If you like my work, and want too see more off it, and live in Sweden.
I will have a exhibition in Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd during January 3-31 2017.
It will be a mix off local sports with international championships.
(Opening times can be found here: ).

When it comes to sports photo.
In 2016 i also lost a major client. (That are "cutting costs").
So i´m open for new assignments/cooperations.

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